Top Dressing - 1 cubic foot

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Table to Farm Top Dressing is an easy to use, all-purpose soil amendment featuring Table to Farm Compost. Utilizing many of the same ingredients of our Artisan Soil, Table to Farm Top Dressing will supply your garden with a balanced boost in nutrients and microbial activity. 

Ingredients: Table to Farm Compost, biochar, chicken manure, kelp meal.

Nutritional Strength: 10/10

Water Retention: Moderate 5/10

Drainage: Low to Moderate 4/10

Uses: Top dressing, compost tea.

Directions for use: Cover soil with 1”-2” of Top Dressing monthly. Water Top Dressing into soil immediately after application.

Delivery: Hand batched to order! Limited quantity, so get your order in now. Free delivery for Table to Farm Compost customers only. All other orders subject to a $10 delivery fee. We also offer local pick-up at our downtown office.