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Table to Farm to Table

Kids Compost

The Story of the Green Buckets

Curbside Compost

High Quality Compost

Compost in Action

Locally Sourced, Locally Made

Our compost is high in nutrients and can be used as a top dressing for established plants or mixed in with topsoil for a highly productive garden! Table to Farm Compost customers receive a 20% discount.


We used your compost to create our backyard garden and our plants just love it!

Table to Farm Compost Customers

We love the drop-off option with the 5 gallon bags and the compostable, reused burlap coffee sack is as local as it gets. 

Table to Farm Compost Customer

Curbside Discount

Are you a Table to Farm Compost curbside customer? You get a 20% discount on all purchases. Use code: LOCAL.